The Chef Factory

Discover the secrets
of French cuisine in Lyon

For several weeks, strange rumours have been doing the rounds in Old Lyon: somewhere in the city,
in one of the town’s traboules or hidden passageways, a mysterious school is said to be found in a secret location.

None of Lyon’s residents were even vaguely aware of its existence.
It is said that this school has inspired some of the greatest chefs and is the source of many French culinary secrets.

Its classes are simply outstanding, being based on centuries of culinary tradition
and unusual methods.


Openning Of new museum

This will be one of the key events in the latter part of 2014! The very latest addition to Lyon’s great contemporary museums prepares to open to the public, museums which alone are enough to justify a trip to Lyon. So of course, we wouldn’t miss this event for anything! To begin with, the museum’s architecture is incredible! Referred to as the Crystal Cloud, it is made of glass, concrete and stainless steel and stands erect like a beacon on the headland, at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Such a building could only house an exceptional museum that of the confluence of scientific, technical and societal knowledge, encompassing Earth, humanity, history and geography. In other words, it is a door that opens out onto the world, the universe and knowledge in general. How fascinating is that!


Lyon festival of Light 05 au 08/12/2014

http:// From the 5th – 8th, December 2014. 4 nights of utter enchantment The Festival of Lights is one of Lyon’s most famous Festivals to date. It broadcasts Lyon’s heritage and creates an immense buzz throughout the city. The Festival is spread over 4 days of pure magic. The city definitely lives up to its title as the city of lights and will not disappoint. The Festival is innovative, intriguing and startling, and best of all free of charge. The programme promises four nights of enchantment, each night brings a different theme, color scheme and vibe. Designers from all over the world partake in the wonderful event. Video, Music and Sound effects are used to accompany the vibrant images dotted around the city. The exceptional spectacle showcases the city at its best and incorporates buildings, rivers and parks into the show. This enables tourists and locals alike to experience many different routes and areas throughout Lyon over the 4 day event. The best spectacle is located in the city centre, to avoid disappointment arrive as early as Thursday as the weekend crowds will plague the city. If you are still not convinced, what better to do then to experience the mayhem yourself, Lyon awaits your visit. http://

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