S Class Mercedes

S Class Mercedes

Travel Modes of future is measured in terms of S Class Mercedes .By helping to to improve comfort, safety and eco-compatibility of vehicles, the S Class has become a model and a vector in the innovaton world of automotive. Numerous sensors and intelligent electronic systems araise further milestones in occupant protection and fun island. Finally, modern design, marking and sovereign emphasizes the role of the current S-Class in traffic: with it, the luxury becomes responsible.

– Electric stores on all arrears windows

– Sunroof electric lift. glass front and rear panoramic glass roof

– AIRMATIC DC (semi-active air suspension)

– Walnut woodwork brilliant – Electric heating rear bench – Mood lighting


Mercedes Class E

E Class Mercedes


You’ll feel right at home: climb aboard one of the cars most caring in the world. every detail is designed for you. More than 80 sensors ensure your well-being, countless innovations give you an indescribable sense of security.

Face double optical let immediately predict: Behind ke expressive design makes a unique technology. The E class Berline synonymous with comfort and security.

E Class Blue TEC HYBRID is one of the most environmentally friendly in its class. it is a reference in terms of simplicity, durability and comfort.

– CO2 emissions of only 107-110 g / km.

– Windows with store

– Sunroof and panoramiq Glass

– Air conditioning dual-zone

– Leather Seat

– LED light

– Mood lighting


Mercedes Viano

VIANO Mercedes 7 Passenger

Travel on the Viano are synonymous with relaxation. Thanks to a concept as smart as flexible.

it can accommodate up to seven passengers and is ideal for all your travels

-Painting metal-

-Panoramic sunroof

– Leather Seat

-automatic rear air conditioning

– laptop-cooler


Renault Latitude

Renault Latitude

Onboard in Latitude, you travel in business class. True luxury sedan, Latitude imposes style and presence, outside and inside. Its stylish front end, its fluid lines and elegant broad shoulders express the power of this engines.

More than just a cabin, it is a real “business lounge”. A space in which the noble materials meet innovation for comfort exceptional.

-air conditioning

– Leather Seat

– essential oil diffuser


Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic

In everyday life, we all need to feel good. With his character infinitely warm, This car is the best response to this desire.

At first glance, it feels generously hosted for a calm trip : seat and backrest very comfortable with multiple settings, a serene space where is good to live, open to the sky and the world with the panoramic roof.

This car is an invitation to well-being and peace of mind with this roll is to have an innate sense of hospitality.

– Panoramic roof.

– Renault Eco 2


– Large chest

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