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Booking information:

The firm booking of the vehicle will be taken into account upon receipt of a deposit amounting to 40% of the price indicated in the quote. He will be accompanied estimate duly accepted / signed (stamped) by the principal, the present general conditions of sale (unless otherwise agreed) and specify the payment method provided for the balance. All our transport services will be considered reserved upon receipt of final balance 8 days prior to these services (unless prior written agreement).


50% of the invoice amount if canceled less than 24 hours before departure. 100% of the invoice amount if cancellation on the day of departure.


In case of modification of the course or duration due to the principal, the note on the driver’s mission order and will be signed by the manager. In case of change in the length due to the will of the principal, the costs will be borne by the latter.


The transportation Bellemin can under no circumstances be held responsible for delays on transport times due to circumstances beyond his control: route, bridge closed to traffic, detour, flooded road, traffic jams, road interventions of police , customs or firemen, etc. …… (although this list is not exhaustive). If the vehicle is immobilized during the journey due to a mechanical failure, accident or damage (theft, damage), the Company will endeavor to Bellemin continuity of the course, either with one of these vehicles or a vehicle leased to another company and is committed to preventing the client. In case of damage to a car because of one or more passengers, the payer will reimburse the costs of rehabilitation upon presentation of invoices.


Liability is limited to the terms of our insurance policy. The prime contractor will be all right to take out additional insurance to defray costs cancellation, repatriation costs or cover baggage transported without this list being limiting.


The vehicle and the driver will be equipped with the vehicle documents necessary for the proper operation of the entire service. The ordering and passengers are required to comply with the requirements applicable to persons and their luggage in the countries visited. Accordance with the law in force in all public places, it is forbidden to smoke in our vehicles. Accordance with the code of drinking, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on board our vehicles. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory for all passengers. Any costs will be charged after the trip at the rates in force, but the program shall in no case go against the rules.

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